Top Tips When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be a confusing task. Most buyers are often in a dilemma over what make, model and condition of car to buy. The excerpt below discusses the various considerations buyers should make when buying a used car


Typically, most people would want to purchase a saloon, estate, SUV or pickup truck. Your routine will determine what vehicle you will buy. For instance, an SUV or pickup truck is ideal for people that want to tow camping gear or handle off-road conditions. Other than their engine capacity and ground clearance, these vehicles are also a preferable choice for people looking for luxury vehicles. Saloon and estate cars are ideal for use on the tarmac. If you want a family car, you would be interested in the vehicle's sitting capacity, legroom, boot space and extras, such as a sunroof and heated seats.

Choosing a Make and Model

Conduct some research on the internet and seek testimonials to determine the durability of various models. Some of your concerns should include: 

  • How much abuse can the vehicle withstand? Vehicles with weak design features will lose their looks after a few years.
  • What is the vehicle's maintenance schedule? You would be interested in high mileage servicing, such as replacement of water pumps, fuel pumps and timing belts.
  • Can you access new and used parts? For instance, if you had an accident, it would be cheaper to purchase used body panels.
  • Kids might spill over drinks and smear food on the car interior during road trips. As such, parents should pay close attention to interior colours. 

Entry Level vs Premium Models

Entry-level models are mass-produced. They are what you will find every day on the road. Premium models are limited in number. They come with extra features such as leather seats, 4WD systems, tuned engines, spoilers, advanced braking and sunroofs. When buying a used car, check the availability of premium models. You would be shocked to find someone selling a premium model at a reasonable price. 

Inspecting a Used Car

Below are a few tips to help you inspect a used car: 

  • Use service records to examine what parts the previous owner changed in the car.
  • Inspect the engine for leaks and strange sounds. Check the cooling system for leaks and loose hoses.
  • Conduct vehicle diagnostics to know if the vehicle has faulty sensors or fuses.
  • Ask for a test drive to examine the acceleration, transmission, suspension and braking systems.

It would be difficult to find a used vehicle without a defect. Inspect a few cars before making your choice. Go for a well-kept and reasonably priced car.