3 Reasons Car Hire is the Best Option for Road Trips

Australia offers a lot in terms of scenic destinations for both locals and foreign tourists. From the rugged Australian outback to the smooth sandy beaches, there is everything for everyone's taste. Therefore, it might be tempting to use your car on a road trip with friends and family. After all, no one understands your vehicle better, making it difficult to give up the comfort. However, car rental is the best option for road trips and distant excursions, and this article highlights the reasons.

Destination Flexibility

The best road trips do not have a pre-planned route. All you know is how far you want to go and for how long. It gives you room to make changes to your itinerary depending on preference. You can only enjoy such flexibility with a rental car because you can choose what to drive. For instance, if you want to visit the rugged Australian outback, the chances are high that your 2-wheel-drive family car will not cut it. The dust, rough road, and heat will take a toll on your vehicle's system. However, renting a 4WD truck allows you to drive through any terrain, enjoying every minute of your road trip. 

Test Drive Opportunity

A test drive is recommended when buying a new car. However, the test drives you get at a dealer are restricted to certain distances (short) and road conditions (friendly), making it difficult to establish how your dream car holds over long distances. Using car hire for road trips offers the perfect opportunity to test drive the vehicle you have always wanted. For instance, if you have been thinking about buying an electric car but wondered about its performance, you can hire a vehicle to find out. Ultimately, the opportunity that a car rental provides goes a long way in helping you buy the right vehicle. 

Reduced Depreciation Costs

When you buy a new car, its value begins to depreciate the instant you drive it from a dealership. As you add miles to the vehicle, its value depreciates further. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid driving long distances to maintain your car's value. It is mainly the case if you plan to sell your vehicle in the future. One way of keeping car mileage down is avoiding road trips. On the other hand, depreciation is not a priority for rental services as long as customers can pay for the rental. 

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