4 Reasons to Rent a Car Instead of Relying on Car Sharing Services

If you've required the short-term use of a vehicle over the last few years, you've probably heard of car sharing services. Essentially, car sharing services allow you to collect a vehicle from the street using your smartphone. You check for the nearest location, reserve the vehicle, then use your smartphone to access it. You then use it as much as you want and park it when you're done.

Car sharing is easy enough to understand, but is it better than a traditional rental car? Many drivers find that hiring a car makes better sense, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Provides a Fixed Price

Car sharing means only paying for the time you spend in the vehicle. However, this can actually be more of a problem than an advantage. It means you'll never know exactly how much you'll be spending. This can make it harder to budget your trips and could mean being stuck with a much higher bill than you initially expected, especially if you need to cover longer distances. Additionally, you'll feel more pressured to finish journeys quickly. With a hire car, you know the exact price you will be paying.

2. Can Be Unreliable

Ideally, car sharing allows you to grab a nearby car whenever you need it. Unfortunately, this isn't always how things play out in the real world. If you rely on taking several car share trips instead of renting one car for a set period, there's always a chance you'll find yourself far from an available vehicle the next time you need to get going. Car rentals don't present the same risk since the vehicle you choose will be yours until you take it back.

3. Greater Range of Vehicles

In many cases, car share services only offer one type of vehicle. Even if more are available, they probably won't be in great supply. This can be problematic if you suddenly find yourself needing a certain class of vehicle. For example, you might find yourself wanting the added cargo space of an SUV or the added passenger space of a minivan. Such requests are no problem when you rent a vehicle since you can choose the type you want in advance.

4. Greater Range of Options  

Car rental companies outperform car sharing services when it comes to options as well as vehicle classes. When you book your rental vehicle, you will have the opportunity to include features such as child seats and GPS systems. Additionally, renting a vehicle tends to provide a greater range of insurance options, so you can ensure you get the best coverage to meet your needs.

For more information, reach out to a car hire service.